Measuredly Mad – Miista is born

After months of hard work, and dreams that stretch back to 2005, Miista has been born. It's been bloody hard work. But then most things that are worth it, tend to be. Miista is about Measured Madness, its about the juxtaposition of stuff that don't normally sit next to each other. We do hope you like it. You can read more about Measured Madness on our About Page. We set a steep target for our first season and I'm glad to report that we made it. Our Where to buy page bares testimony to that. We are particularly proud of being in Antwerp's Ra, and closer to home, in Poste Mistress London. Urban Outfitters have been hugely supportive and so has smaller boutiques like East London's Hubshop. And a loud holler goes to Magda and Gaelle at Pixie Market for their huge support - they even wrote a letter of reference that helped us get funding! Ditto Katie from What Katie Wore for her advice and letter of recommendation. Thank you to Japan's Jack of All Trades for taking us on board, and a big thanks to our UK (Foundation) and French (Kristine & Jeff from Kiss and Fly) agents. A massive thanks goes to Miista's chief investor, Raj Desai, and to Miguel Soler, Chema and Miguel Angel Lopez, without whose advice I'd not been able to do this. And Una Corcoran for all her hard work. I want to thank my family and friends for all their support and advice. My grandparents and parents and my lovely brother. In general thanks to my friends for excusing all my absences. Thank you to the RAAK boys for their advice and patience, Anne-Mette Jensen who showed so much interest, Riet and Ephraim, and An Michiels the same. Also thanks to designers and friends Brooke Roberts and Anastasia Radevich for their support. And to bloggers Queen Michelle (who did the look & feel of this site) and Cocorosa. And thanks to Ewald and Wybe - it was brand master Wybe who coined the phrase - Measured Madness. And a big kiss to Mr. Wessetjie. Our shop will open in January, and before then - at the end of December - we'll have a lookbook up on this site - shot by the lovely Saga.
Laura Villasenin