RIP Enrique Morente

Last week one of the greatest Flamenco singers passed away. Enrique Morente was a flamenco singer and a controversial figure within the world of contemporary flamenco. After his orthodox beginnings, he plunged into experimentalist, writing new melodies for cante (flamenco singing) and jamming with musicians of all styles, without renouncing his roots in traditional flamenco singing, which he kept on cultivating. One of their collaborations that I love so much is the one he did with the fantastic Sonic Youth. In 1995 he appeared singing a siguiriya in Carlos Saura's film Flamenco and recorded his most controversial recording: Omega, together with the alternative rock group Lagartija Nick. Flamenco and punk rock are mingled with recreations of songs by Leonard Cohen, and lyrics by Federico García Lorca's book Poeta en Nueva York ("A Poet in New York"), together with traditional flamenco lyrics. Lorca was the great poet, executed by Spain's authoritarian Franco regime. (Che Guevarra was another big Lorca fan.) It was also not the first time that Morente performed Lorca's work. RIP Mr. Morente!