Stolen Girlfriends and Mr Doma do mesh and see through

There are a few interesting labels currently coming from New Zealand, and one of our favorites is Stolen Girlfriends Club. One of the most important features in their current summer collection is the use of mesh inserts, which is becoming a classic element of their signature, the ‘80’s shoulders and denim in seasonal trend colors. There are some interesting, standout pieces, but my favorite one is the shorts with a long trouser legs layer of organza fabric. Love them! Their collections are street-inspired and totally accessible to every one. In their collection for women, the colours are soft, but the shapes are strong, similar to what they have done is past seasons. For the boys its toughened up classics reworked with some patented Raf Simons deconstruction. We particularly love the diaphanous trousers, sleeves and panels. Another great new designer is Damir Doma, who also introduced lots of see through fabrics in his Spring Summer 2011 collection. Om Doma's website the colection is described thus:
"Damir Doma’s collections seem lit by a soft, melancholic quest for fluidity. Inspired by identity’s multiple expressions and the link with the fragile, ephemeral quality of the body, he creates pieces that explore interpretations of contemporary masculinity. The Croatian-born designer grew up in Germany and studied fashion in Munich and Berlin, where he graduated in 2004 with magna cum laude for the best collection. The young designer then went to Antwerp, where he worked for Raf Simons and Dirk Schoenberger. It was his time spent at Raf Simons in particular that broadened and shaped Doma’s perception of fashion and the arts. Under Simon’s mentorship, the creation of his personal aesthetics was kindled; leading him to infuse soulfulness and sensitivity into his work."
We would love to see our Ripley shoes being worn with any of these pieces. [caption id="attachment_1268" align="alignright" width="650"] Miista Ripley[/caption]