The queen

In the Kingdom of Style there reigns two fashion Queens, Queen Michelle and Queen Marie. And one of them recently wore MIISTA´s Adira shoes. This Queen is by far one of our favorite fashion bloggers, but not only that, she is one of the figures that really inspire us when we design. As you may have heard around, we love getting inspired by female warriors, and she is for us the ultimate contemporary fashion female warrior. Michelle's fashion is very creative. Feminine but tough, beautiful but hard. Graceful but edgy. Not main stream. Michelle earns her leaving as a graphic designer. As we were starting MIISTA we commissioned her to design the look and feel of the our website. She did a great job, didn't she? We have been getting lots of compliments for the website and all is thanks to her and to the RAAK boys who did the programing. Michelle describes the ADIRA heels as ''The heel is nicely chunky and the mesh upper is something I've never tried in a shoe before. Both rather pleasing. It's great getting to experience the product which I've seen so much of from doing her website. The shoes themselves at first glance don't appear as they'd be all that comfortable, but in actuality they are very comfortable indeed and I was pleased to find the mesh isn't at all scratchy''. She wears them with: Black & Gold: Quilted jacket and jeans from charity shop / Zara t-shirt / Lucette bag and shoulder piece / Label dress