What's a Miista?

Creativity, inspiration, interpretation. Solestruck always manages to inject these three things into their contests and their recent WHO/WHAT/WHERE:WHAT'S A MIISTA? contest is no exception. The ultra-creative team at Solestruck asked their customers to define a MIISTA by visually discussing what the word, and the collection, inspired within them. Brand Manager extraordinaire Ty McBride even went so far as to put together an example of his own inspiration: fine leather footwear & vodka (above). Before we get to the winning entries, there were some great comments that deserve mention - Janine Rivera said "Being an independent woman with admirable character. She lives in a real world with real emotions. She is not afraid to make mistakes. She always perceives every challenge in life as a learning experience. Spread the word…get MIISTAfied!" Another favorite came from Frances who said, "MIISTA to me sounds and feels a bit like “mister”. It’s tough, gorgeous, fun, and could hold its own if and when it needs to, but is still cute and soft-hearted. I know it sounds clichè, but people like it because it makes them look amazing and, in turn, feel amazing. They’re simple in black, and yet bold in design." As for the actual entries, they were beyond our wildest dreams. Solestruck ladies clearly know how to tackle a contest. In killer heels to boot. Check out the winners below! We are so in love with this. Using our shoes Batilda Black, Luanne Black and Madde Black, Alessandra was able to craft a hauntingly beautiful winged creature. Alessandra explains further, “As an artist, there are a lot of things I get inspired from… this time, it happened to be shoes. I was inspired by MIISTA’s design and silhouette of their shoes. My digital art emulated the irony of the MIISTA’s aesthetics: being tough but still being feminine. It is with this irony I created a butterfly (a symbol of femininity) made of leather shoes (a symbol of strength) I created a butterfly using their new F/W 2011 collection.” This. I mean really. Anyone who can make us jealous of being in the feminine hygiene aisle of a CVS deserves a pair of shoes. And those sunglasses? Don't mind us while we scour Google trying to find a pair of our own.   To the girls of Solestruck: THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing your inspiration and, in turn, inspiring us along the way! Be sure to check out Solestruck.com for more Miista and stay tuned for more fun collaborations and contests!