Your favorite blogger does style posts. They dish praise all up and down Proenza Schouler (duh) and chastise those who use leopard print with a heavy, so 5 minutes ago hand...they just know what's good. Right? SIX London decided to find out. In a project meant to blur the rarely crossed lines of critic and designer, the London shoe studio went ahead and gave six world renowned fashion bloggers their shot at putting their money where their mouth is. And SIXby6 was born. Six mama-knows-best bloggers and six designs. From left to right: street style blog Face Hunter, Parisian clothes horse The Cherry Blossom Girl, anti-sex kitten style site The Man Repeller, Stockholm style sweetheart Caroline's Mode, London fashion powerhouse Style Bubble and menswear blog Style Salvage. Below are the final products. What does it say about the state of menswear that the two male bloggers designed strikingly similar desert boots? A question for a different day, but kind of bizarre, non? SIX London and Far Fetch held a launch party for the bloggers-cum-designers in Paris and they discuss their designs further below. Favorite snippet: Leandra of Man Repeller's dino spines and Susie of Style Bubble's 1990's Camden inspired platform. Biggest question: is Style Bubble's Susie on to something here? She's the only one who really went full force out of the box with it, and it begs the question - will us slaves to fashion be coveting these in every color and leather available come one year from now? We were really intrigued by her shoe and think it's definitely worth a closer look. Check out her design process below - and more more of her story & images click here. It's interesting to see the dichotomy between Susie's initial sketch (above), and the sketch SIX London's inhouse designer Simona Citarella did below. Susie's shoes and all the others will be available in limited quantities on both Far Fetch and SIX London's websites. All images & videos from