Westwood Occupation

Vivienne Westwood, London's reigning queen of the anti-establishment has come forward to support the fight for social equality. The protest on London's stock exchange enjoyed some extra fashionable support when Dame Vivienne Westwood arrived with her two sons in tow Monday evening. Rumored to have stayed 2 hours, Westwood is pledging her support to the fight for social equality. A long standing member of the punk movement, she has been politically active from the start and put her ideas down in the 2009 manifesto "Active Resistance to Propaganda." In 2005 she designed and actively modeled the shirt below in a move against Britain's prospective (and highly oppressive) anti-terrorism legislation. Which actually included granting the government the right to detain suspects for 3 months. It's interesting to see the kind of response celebrities elicit when stopping by the worldwide Occupy protest sites. For example, Kanye West was widely ridiculed for showing up in a $30,000+ outfit; a sartorial 'let them eat cake' if you will. Roseanne Barr told protesters, "Let's unite, let's coalesce, let's keep talking" - a statement that was met with scattered cries of "share YOUR wealth!" from all over the internet. But Westwood, with her well known activist past, was warmly welcomed by the protesters - even so much as to be the subject of a rather excited tweet from LSX spokeswoman Naomi Colvin. So excited that she let auto-correct get the best of her and accidentally posted "Westward" instead of "Westwood." Damn you auto-correct. //click photos for source//