SS12: The Americas

This is for the bold warrior women traversing the urban jungle. It's for the modern cowgirl. It's for the free spirits and old souls. It's for the wanderers, the adventurers and the individuals. It's our Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and it's for you. We approached Miista's third season from a dual vantage point. "Woman of the Sun" looks to native Inca tribes, while "Live Free, Ride Hard" works with Western themes. Miista collections are always full of contradictions and the dueling ideological nature of Cowboys & Indians was the focus for Spring/Summer 2012. Our mood boards plus other inspiration images below. South American inspired prints, brightly colored leathers and Miista's signature weaving techniques all work together to actualize our Woman of the Sun. High volume is, as always, a major characteristic of the collection, but certain twists have allowed for a level of lightness we haven't yet played with before. Brightly colored shoe laces are incorporated into the weaving of our flats and small shapes are cut out to emulate Aztec prints on the pumps - making them airy and perfect for summer. Thick basket weaves constructed from leathers of bright yellow, pink and turquoise give the collection energy and vitality. There is a definite feeling of happiness and effervescence evoked by these shoes. Wooden heels, high quality tanned leathers and bold accent colors come together to create the strong Western effect behind our Live Free, Ride Hard theme. The shoes are sturdy and ranch ready but possess an element of femininity that makes the design fresh and modern. Gold hardware and the many different weaving techniques bring about a definite vintage aesthetic. Flats with flowers and animals embroidered on the toe supply whimsy. Pale accent colors playfully mix with strong shapes, giving the shoes an air of maturity without stuffiness. We will be posting pictures of the new collection as the shoes begin to appear in stores. Until then prep your wardrobes with plenty of slim cut dark denim, leather paneled pieces, bright tunics and western wares! Our Spring/Summer Collection will be available in stores January 2012.