If MIISTA went back to school she'd be a Catholic school girl in ripped up plaid skirts, mauve lipstick, black plats and plastic baby hair clips. She would name her kitty Nietzsche and draw liquid eyeliner stars around her eyes. She would get demerits for her skirt length and pass notes in Geometry about how she just *dies* for boys who look like Bowie. She plasters tarot cards and Chinese take out menus on her bedroom walls and secretly doodles rainbows and unicorns in her History notebook. Until the next day.... Nothing captures fashion mood swings quite like Tumblr. Monthly publications with limited space could never embody the breadth of the micro-trends and major obsessions we go through on a daily basis. We'd LOVE to be this angsty teen lady, just for a day or so. //all images via TUMBLR