Love Aesthetics

It often feels like only the most magical of woodland creatures come from the Netherlands. Skinny, lavender haired nymphs who create the perfect DIYs and have a closet most would kill for. Welcome to Love Aesthetics. Ivania Carpio writes the crazy popular style tell-all LOVE AESTHETICS and is one of the most interesting people on the interweb - we just cannot stop reading her blog. A 23 year old journalism student, Ivania excels at capturing the present and future of fashion through her outfits, opinion, runway and (our favorite!) her DIY posts. Her style is minimalist yet always emphasizes the quirk factor, she describes it in an interview with Wonder Mode as, "Basic, minimal, monochromatic and a bit odd." On top of shedding light on current//future trends, she really provides a how-to for wearing and even making them yourself. Her DIY projects are so simple (there's nothing worse than a DIY that requires trips to 3 different craft stores and a $100 pay out) and entirely ingenious. Her transparent cuffs for wrists, hair...anywhere take about 10 minutes start to finish. //click image for full post What you will need: A piece of perspex (available at any hardware store) A figure saw for metal An oven file Measure how long you want to cuffs to be, the measurements I used were 11cm(length) by 14cm(round). A small leftover piece was used for the hair cuff. With the saw cut a square out of the persplex plate. Heat your oven to 200°C and place your square of perspex inside on a flat oven tray. In less than 5 minutes the perspex should be soft and bendable. If you leave it in the oven for too long, tiny bubbles will start to form inside the plastic. This can also happen if the heat in your oven isnt distributed evenly(like in mine). Take out your square with oven mittens and immediately start to bend it into shape while wearing oven mitts. Don´t worry, the plastic is very bendable but isn´t sticky. The persplex will harden within 30 seconds so be quick! If the edges of your cuffs are too sharp you can smooth them with a file. And this T-strap bra is going to make its way into my closet this week. //click image for full post This DIY is a simple one: Attach a some broad elastics to your strapless bra. I chose to do a simplistic T shape for my straps. It is rare to find a fashion blogger whose style is so contagious yet so simple. Ivania has no loud gimmicks, just a soft spoken & radiant personal style that you can't help but want to emulate. //click images for source