NYC has been facing some unseasonably (and somewhat warming??) warm weather this past week. High 60s-70s and sunny? Our natural rhythm is all out of whack now, but our wardrobe selection is wide open and we found an outfit we've just been dying to wear. We found this little gem on posted by Bianca V. and ever since all we've wanted to do is wear socks with our Naias. You would think it would be a total wool socks and Birkenstocks moment, but it isn't -- it works. Wanna get the look? Pixie Market has this fantastic Mauve Crochet Lined Dress for $152 which layered under Nasty Gal's Charcoal Draped Knit Jacket creates a major silhouette. And the pièce de résistance? ELI Lurex Thread Moss Stitch Slipper socks from Top Shop! Oh and of course, NAIA! //click images for source