Dress You Up in My Love

If you aren't familiar with Pamela Love you'll be very happy you read this. Pamela Love makes the kind of jewelry that you come up with in your daydreams. Bold, beautiful and sometimes bizarre (but in the absolute best way possible) her collections are straight out a fairy tale filled with precious stones, sorcery and crystals. She famously crafted necklaces with a snake's body coiled tightly around large crystals. She has adorned women's fingers with rams' heads and eagle talons. Her heart pendants are anatomically correct organs. If you couldn't tell yet, she designs right up the Miista alleyway! We of course fell in love with her AW11 lookbook featuring a pink haired spritely girl in soft focus and to-die-for jewelry. Check out some of our favorite pages below. Visit pamelalovenyc.com for more information and definitely click through her online shop! //click images for source