Dominique Young Unique

She's our new obsession. Meet Dominique Young Unique. We tracked her down for a quick interview and this girl is the real thing. At the tender age of 12 she exploded onto the local music scene in Tampa, Florida. She's been spitting hot fire ever since. Dominique peaked our interest after we caught her video for Hype Girl that was shot basically next door to the Miista studio. With a dash of electro and a solid base of hip hop, Dominique brings serious style and a signature bite to everything she records. Since 2010 she's released three mixtapes: Domination, Glamorous Touch and just recently Stupid Pretty which is available in full on her site. She's gone from rapping on the street in the projects to gracing stages worldwide alongside artists like NERD, Big Boi and Gucci Mane. And she's only 19. Obviously we were stoked to see our neighborhood so we started Youtube-ing up a storm! Our favorite? War Talk. She rhymes so fast, it's kind of unreal. We also love Do My Own thing which features an infectious Jackson 5 sample. With all this talent, a distinct personal style and a curious connection to our hood we had to find out more. We got in contact with her over Twitter and she was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. And let's briefly discuss how amazing it is that when asked who she would trade places with she picks a 50 year old comedian. Ah-may-zing. Congrats on your third mixtape! Stupid Pretty came out in September - what outfit makes you feel the stupid prettiest? The outfit that makes me feel stupid pretty is the one I did my photoshoot in - in London when I had the tea cup in my hands. The Miista studio is located in Hackney, East London and we were so stoked to see some of our local landmarks in your video for Hype Girl. We also saw you bopping around some tube stations and telephone boxes sans pantalons in Stupid Pretty – what’s your connection to London? Omg I love London! I'm always over there, it's like my second home. My producer stay over there so when I come over I crash at his flat so we work, work, work. I Dominique's video for Stupid Pretty shot on the streets of London The speed of your rapid fire rhymes is downright inspirational. Do you ever get tongue tied in the middle of a verse or is this just your natural verbal delivery style? It's a god given gift! It's all natural (lol). A lot of the time I rhyme it be so fast people don't understand me, like the comments they leave - "what the hell she saying?" So I'ma slow it down a lil. We heard you were chilling with Kanye at London Fashion Week. Would you ever follow in his footsteps and try to break into the fashion world? What would the D.Y.U. SS12 Collection look like? Yeah, I met him at the fashion show [the Katie Eary show, who is collaborating with West] he has a great personality...[as for my own line] anything is possible, [it's] what God have planned for me...but of course [it'd be] always unique...different. [caption id="attachment_5016" align="aligncenter" width="210" caption="Dominique looking positively stunning while walking the runway in Katie Eary's 2011 London Fashion Week show"][/caption] You’ve been performing worldwide alongside the likes of NERD, Big Boi and Gucci Mane. We know there’s gotta be some crazy requests on those concert riders. What’s the most outrageous diva demand you’ve seen out on the road? Or better yet, what’s your #1 diva demand? Yes it was a big outrageous ride. I get real bitchy when it comes to outfits at a photoshoot... We design for the Miistas of the world – females that are totally irreverent, confident, edgy and unique (like you!) – who is your major style inspiration? I love unique, crazy colorful [looks]...Cyndi Lauper with a young style...I think that's a Young Unique style Thanks again Dominique! Be sure to check out Stupid Pretty available here.