So we wanted to fill all of you in on our plans for the holidays. We are so bored with the same old after Christmas sales. Obviously mark-downs are awesome and we'll of course be offering all of you some major discounts, but this time around we decided to add a little VA-VA-VOOM! Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean the celebrating will stop. This season we will be using the power of social media to let our fans control which styles go on sale...and by how much. Our innovative promotion will be run through Twitter and all it takes to participate is one single tweet. Every time someone tweets about a specific style from January 3rd to the 13th, the price will automatically decrease. But -- and here's the kicker -- the larger your following, the further the price drops. This will be configured using Klout scores, which essentially give every Twitter user a power//influence rating. An active and average Twitter user has a score of about 20 -- so their tweet could cause the price of the shoe to automatically drop by 5%. But we want you to enjoy the lowest prices possible! So we are contacting celebrities and bloggers with large followings who can help bring the price of certain shoes down so low that they could be reduced to shipping cost only! For example, blogger Susie Bubble (Klout score = 60) or socialite Caggie Dunlop (Klout score = 70) could bring the price down as much as 50% with one single tweet! We need to make room for all of the fantastic new styles we have coming for Spring, so get your Twitter on girls! Below are all of our AW11 styles. We will be contacting bloggers and celebrities all throughout December, but we need your help too! If you want to enjoy a serious Miista sale this January, start tweeting your favorite bloggers and celebrities to get involved! This is such a great way for them to help out all of their fans by lowering our prices! You can direct them to this blog post and we've even made up a bit link for you to use: And again, all it takes is ONE TWEET. No strings attached. Everything will be automatic, so no sign up is necessary. Totally simple and completely amazing. The holiday season is all about giving and we want to give back to YOU our fans, friends and customers who allow us to continue doing what we love. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to email us at