On the Street

With the likes of Anna Wintour making sure to always be dressed up for his lense, this octogenarian Harvard drop out has more to do with fashion than you could ever imagine. Bill Cunningham popularized the photography of street style. He began photographing the streets while he was still a fashion journalist, contributing to both Women's Wear Daily and The Chicago Tribune. In 1978, while he was working for the New York Times, he managed to capture a candid shot of Greta Garbo. He published the image along with a series of other on-the-street looks. The section was a hit and soon became a weekly series. It has been running ever since as the "On the Street" section of New York Times. Bill is credited with having captured the story on the street in NYC for the past 50 years. He has been photographing Anna Wintour since she was a child. He has brought NYC niche fashion trends to the attention of the entire country and beyond. His mission is to seek the most interesting of people -- whether at society events or walking down 6th avenue. Bill's enormous and influential body of work is being featured in the 2011 film Bill Cunningham New York. From interacting with the city's creme de la creme to sleeping in his office on top of filing cabinets, his life is quite the story. It's an absolute must see.