Cheaper with a Tweet Campaign!

Right, were back on track. We are having the post-holiday promotion of a lifetime! Be sure to read up on the details here so you can participate! Trust us, it's too good to miss... The holidays are over. The presents are unwrapped and the magic of the season seems to have been taken out to the curb with the Christmas tree. It can be a sad time, especially if your jeans don't fit because of all that pie, but we're going to help you get through it. Instead of a typical post-holiday sale, we have put together something entirely unique, innovative and exciting. This season we will be using the power of social media to let our fans control which styles go on sale…and by how much. The Cheaper with a Tweet campaign will be run through Twitter and all it takes to participate is one single tweet. Every time someone tweets through our shop page about a specific style from January 3rd to the 13th, the price will automatically decrease for everybody! But — and here’s the kicker — the larger your following, the further the price drops. This will be configured using Klout scores, which essentially give every Twitter user a power//influence rating. An active and average Twitter user has a score of about 20 — so their tweet could cause the price of the shoe to automatically drop by 1.5%. But someone with an exceptionally large following could cause the price to drop by up to 7%! You will notice we tweaked the percentages a bit -- didn't want to make this too easy for you! (But Tuesday's Tweet's discounts will remain in force - were starting off where we stopped. ) If enough people participate some styles could be reduced to nothing but £1 plus shipping cost. One purchase per person and one tweet allowed -- so be sure to pick your absolute favorite style! STEP BY STEP Here is a step by step guide of how to make sure your tweet counts! When the promotion begins tomorrow, the shop page will look like this: Now, first thing's first: you will need an active Twitter account to participate. If you don't have one it takes all of a minute to sign up. You can click here to make an account or to sign in with an existing account. Once you have everything on the Twitter side set up, you can click the blue "Make It Cheaper" button under any style on the Miista shop page. That button will bring you to this page: You can then type your tweet in the text box that is shown. From proclaiming your love of Miista to complaining about your bunions, anything you tweet will count toward making that specific style cheaper! Everyone is allowed one tweet, so be sure to pick your favorite! And remember, the bigger your following, the lower the price will drop! So tweet at your favorite blogger//celebrity and get them involved! This is the perfect way for them to help you by lowering our prices. You can send out a link to this blog post: to get more people participating! And again, all it takes is ONE TWEET. No strings attached. Everything will be automatic, so no sign up is necessary. Totally simple and completely amazing. The holiday season is all about giving and we want to give back to YOU our fans, friends and customers who allow us to continue doing what we love. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to email us at The promotion will be back up and running the morning of January 4th -- we've managed to fix all the glitches, so it'll be smooth sailing from here on out! Terms and conditions Twitter campaign: 1.During the twitter campaign the maximum of pairs permitted is one pair per customer an Pay Pal account or Credit/Debit card. 2.Customers are restricted to tweeting only one product during the campaign. 3.The campaign is finishing on the 13th of January, subject to stock availability. 4.All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price. 5.Dispatch times may vary according to availability and any guarantees or representations made as to delivery times are limited to mainland UK and subject to any delays resulting from postal delays or force majeure for which we will not be responsible. 6.Refunds and returns are not permitted during this sale period.