Style Hero

David Bowie is a chameleon. He managed to remain relevant and on the front lines of pop culture for some 30 years and managed to open new doors along the way. He is responsible for the androgyny revolution of the '70s. He pioneered the pop//dance music of the '80s. His music always stayed mainstream, it's impossible not to love Bowie, and by keeping it in the popular culture he was simultaneously able to popularize avant garde ideas. A little medicine in the sugar if you will. Bowie is incredible, there really isn't any other word, and he is still influencing fashion to this day. [caption id="attachment_5905" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="1967 Debut"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5920" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="1970"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5906" align="aligncenter" width="966" caption="Space Oddity"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5908" align="aligncenter" width="842" caption="Ziggy Stardust"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5913" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="1973"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5914" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Ziggy Stardust"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5915" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Ziggy Stardust"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5917" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Soul//Funk"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5918" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="The Thin White Duke"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5919" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="The Thin White Duke"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5923" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Playing The Labyrinth's Goblin King"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5924" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="1980's Bowie"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5925" align="aligncenter" width="545" caption="Wedding to model Iman"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5926" align="aligncenter" width="273" caption="2004 Tommy Hilfiger ad"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5927" align="aligncenter" width="583" caption="Stage style"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_5928" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Kansai Yamamoto designed all outfits for the Ziggy Stardust tour"][/caption]