Grease & Glamour

We seem to have found our blogger soulmate. The unlikely juxtaposition of style elements is the main foundational concept behind Miista. With an expert eye, we mix and match seemingly opposing forces to create something unique and edgy. Grease & Glamour was created with the same focus in mind, and even the name itself is a testament to our likemindedness. Jinna Yang, the creative force behind the blog, found us and you can expect a serious collab sometime in the near future! Grease & Glamour documents Jinna's personal style journey -- from a teenage tomboy, to a wandering co-ed, to an NYC career gal, G&G's aesthetic speaks to all of these times in her life. She investigates the two polar opposite worlds of fashion and shares all the killer things she discovers along the way. She refers to herself as a "fashion mood ring" and has credited blogging for opening her up to taking risks and trying new sartorial ideas. Her blog is a showcase of her multi-faceted style; she uses it to share her fashion inspiration, visual media skills and creative fashion direction. She really has a knack for visual media -- the set up of her site is so fun and she designs headers and uses magazine worthy editorial design in her outfit posts. She describes the Grease element as a structural persona filled with hard emotions and sultry shadows. Think "to cry for" (Jinna's own take on TDF) vintage finds, perfectly placed spikes and unique looks. The Glamour portion is more classic; a glitzy take on traditional, timeless get ups embodying a fashion lover's refusal to settle for anything less than high end. Jinna uses bits and bobs from these two opposite ends of the spectrum to piece together the patchwork that is her own personal style. She views fashion as the fabric, but style as the thread -- you can have every single piece of new fabulous fashion out there, but without style all you really have is a big pile of cloth. [caption id="attachment_6324" align="aligncenter" width="887" caption="Choose Your Experience"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6319" align="aligncenter" width="700" caption="East Meets West"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6320" align="aligncenter" width="800" caption="Beautiful & Dirty Rich"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6321" align="aligncenter" width="799" caption="Ticketed for Trespassing"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6322" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Grand Dame"][/caption] Jinna was a communications major at Virgina Tech University and found herself feeling lost as she neared graduation. She was inspired by the blogosphere though and decided to take the leap into the frenzied world of fashion blogging. She still retains her day job as a Digital Strategist for Hill & Knowlton, but with the success that Grease & Glamour has seen since it's creation in April of 2010 we would not be surprised if she ditched the cubicle soon. And she actually did have the chance to make blogging into a full-time gig -- she was one of the top 10 finalists for Sunglasses Hut's Full Time Fabulous competition. The company was looking for a full-time fashion blogger and out of thousands upon thousands of entires, Grease & Glamour made it to the final month long blog-off. She didn't get the position, but she did get out of this world publicity, a corporate stamp of approval and the reassurance that what she was doing was fantastic. Blogging is her calling and her participation in the competition definitely solidified that she made the right choice by following her dream. She defines success as doing what you love, and in that way Jinna is endlessly successful. [caption id="attachment_6325" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Sunglass Party"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6326" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Music Lounge"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6338" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Varsity Blues"][/caption] Grease & Glamour is continuing to grow (Jinna is even making moves to start up her own online vintage boutique) with more girls catching the vibe and more cool collaborations being presented. And a big part of that, at least in our minds, is how personal the blog really is. Reading it feels like you're just chilling with Jinna, sitting in a giant walk in closet, drinking bellinis and giggling. The posts have specific themes -- like pastels or, the love of her life, Alexander Wang -- but often as you're reading the subject will shift. She'll divulge where she found that amazing sheer cover up, tell you about her favorite pan-Asian restaurant and lead you in the best direction for happy hour. There's a presence with her writing that sparks an immediate familiarity; we feel like if we met her today we'd be immediate BFFs. So whether you're a downtown gutter punk or an Upper East Side prissy prissy princess (or maybe somewhere in between) Grease & Glamour will not only have something awesome to share with you, it'll also be your new internet boyfriend. Who says you can't date a blog? We are so excited that Jinna got into contact with us. We love collaborating with other members of the fashion world and we know that combining Miista's measured madness and Grease & Glamour's brilliant editing and talent for unexpected juxtaposition is going to result in something out of this world! If you are interested in working with Miista -- editorial projects, visual collabs, guest blogging, etc -- email //all images sourced from