Godammit I'm Mad

Hate your boss? Your teachers? Can't stand that song that keeps getting played on the radio? That brand that everyone seems to be wearing? Infuriated by the politicians who push issues they clearly act against? Bloggers who don't seem to have a soul? Sister Wolf has covered it. She knows. And she understands your frustration. Reading her blog feels almost as good as venting -- because you're laughing instead. We discovered her blog Godammit I'm Mad through our good friend Queen Michelle over at Kingdom of Style and we've been hooked ever since. Now we can't very well cover many of the things she, often rightfully, loathes but we can discuss what she does like -- namely Hanky Pankysv (the best underwear ever created,) men with rippling muscles (who doesn't) and...Versace for H&M? Sister Wolf, this may be the one thing the rest of the world hates that you love. But anyhow, she always tells it like it is and is a nice dose of honesty and reality in a blogger world filled with lots and lots of fluff. [caption id="attachment_6512" align="aligncenter" width="682" caption="Horrible Stuff: an interesting post about how Sheen's exploits have left us wanting something more. But what??"][/caption] Obviously, Sister Wolf is fantastic at identifying the "Horrible Stuff" in our world. The "Horrible Stuff" tag is actually one of our favorite parts of her site. She is a master at recognizing faults in humanity; she is able to find where things are going wrong culturally and is capable of discussing our collective short comings in a blunt yet poignant manner. She is able to discuss loss, disaster, misery, sadness and ideas or products that receive blazé approval from the public when really they deserve a more thorough dialogue. It is clear that she is an incredibly intelligent woman, and we love the way that she can write in such a casual manner -- expletives welcome -- while achieving thoughtful and provocative commentary. That's what makes her blog so much fun to read. You get the joy of frivolous fucks while still managing to provide your day with some insight into what goes on in our world. A particularly touching (I feel like Sister Wolf would hate that I'm using that touchy-feely word to describe this post, but it really was!) piece that we found was on her personal reaction to the destruction that Japan suffered this past year. It was a far off tragedy for most of us, something that touched our lives only through celebrity philanthropists and charity t-shirts, but her reaction was different. Entitled "Life Goes On" Sister discusses how quickly we are able to move past events of this sort. She writes, "Isn’t is weird to see people going on about their business while a disaster devastates one part of the world and a ruthless massacre takes place somewhere else? If you follow twitter, the incongruous tweets illustrate how most people go right on advancing their agendas and talking about what they’re wearing or what they ate, NO MATTER WHAT." She discusses her own feelings of guilt while acknowledging the element of human nature that allows us to absorb, accept and effectively normalize issues of this sort. We are made to adapt, made to move on -- but in our culture of hyperspeed, she wonders what really is the appropriate timing. Events like this always seem to place a spotlight on superficiality, it makes us question the importance of our shoe collection and our Klout scores. Makes us wonder what truly is meaningful in the end. She concludes, "In my own life, I can’t move on and get back to business. It feels like a sin to even consider it. Resilience seems like a cruel joke. But that’s what survival is about." It's pieces like this that make her blog one of our absolute favorites. Her character shines through like a laser beam and you really can't help but sit in awe of what an amazing woman she is. Her hard exterior serves for highly entertaining fodder -- her "Cunt of the Week" posts kill us every time -- but posts like this communicate a level of sensitivity and exemplary humanity that is quite hard to find. [caption id="attachment_6513" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption="Now you KNOW Sister's got some things to say about Ms. Palin...."][/caption] This is one of the reasons that her posts on celebrities are always so perfect. Sister Wolf, as we've mentioned, is a razor sharp lady -- smart, down to earth, and no nonsense none of the time. So reading her pieces about some of the idiots that dominate so many of our glossy pages is just so much fun. She won't kiss ass and she won't let anything slide. She writes what we'd all be thinking if we weren't caught up in the glamour of it all. Her coverage of the 2011 Grammys was basically the best ever written. So, it's happening, we're including the whole piece. There's really just no way around it. You're welcome: Just quickly: Rhianna needs to take up prostitution and get it over with. Lady Gaga needs to get the fuck over herself. J Lo needs to lose the hair extensions and her creepy husband. Mick Jagger needs to eat and Bob Dylan needs to give up smoking. Cee Lo Green was a one-man mardis gra and Gwyneth should be killed for ruining his performance. Lady Antebellum needs to die but not until they apologize for everything. John Mayer channeled Johnny Depp but fucked up the ever-haunting “Jolene.” Babs Streisand was a waxy looking monolith but proved that a diva can hold a mic without all that crazy finger action. Bruno Mars was a worthless punk as usual but Janelle Monae saved the day with her adorable androgynous rockabilly presence. Justin Bieber fought back tears as he lost to the regal Esperanza Spalding, who will singlehandedly bring back the Afro according to me, god bless her. Eminem confirmed his status as the rapper we’d most like to have sex with. An angry ball of rage, Eminem is on fire! He is the Ryan Gosling of rap. Talent plus intensity plus physical charisma = YES. Muse sang a song that sounded like all their songs and Arcade Fire demonstrated that committed, liberating rock lives on, even in the age of horrible American Idolesque canned pop and the dreadful scourge of Taylor Swiftian confessional bleating. Does that cover it? She really got it all, didn't she? We cannot stress enough that you need to check out Godammit I'm Mad. We love a good fashion blog -- who doesn't want to see Celine's 2012 Pre-Fall?? -- but sometimes in between all the beautiful things you can find on the internet you start craving a bit of gravity. Sister Wolf's commentary brings you back down to earth and will actually make you think. Even if it's just about what fucking idiots a lot of people are, you're still using that brain muscle. So, Sister, we just want to say thank you. Thanks for keeping it real. Thanks for making us laugh every time we visit. And thanks for reminding us not to buy in to all the nonsense that is forced down our throats. Don't ever stop, we need you. Enjoy some screen shots below and check out her blog at godammit.com