Underground Music

Last week we posted a video of a subway performer in NYC covering Adele's Someone Like You. This week we're diving in a bit deeper to see what other amazing performers are lurking underground. We have honestly been replaying that guy's cover of Someone Like You as if it were a song on iTunes. So we figured there just had to be more gems! We scoured YouTube and here is what we found! Let us know what you think! He seriously breaks it down without even getting up One more from this guy, he's incredible -- apparently his name is Danny Small and he's a YouTube sensation! LOVE the Acapella groups, they're the only ones I give money to Ok I had to include this one because a few months ago I was at the 14th St station of the F train and saw the most amazing performer sing Creep by Radiohead -- it was a different guy though and it was positively haunting. I'd love to find him again. It's so fun when people start interacting, it makes the wait for the train much more entertaining Rick Rolling is almost always funny, but I love how no one on this train could care less about what they're doing. Welcome to NYC. Gave these guys a dollar once. But, just so no one is under the assumption that the subway is a magical place filled with singers destined for American Idol -- this is what you'll see 9 times out of 10. People like this really know how to ruin a Monday morning commute, let me tell you. And here's what inspired all of this -- the ABSOLUTE best! I have NEVER seen people clap for a subway performer before, but this guy clearly deserved the standing ovation. Yes I know they were already standing, but still.