Miista's new nest

Measured Madness is the line to live by when it comes to Miista, both design wise and when it comes to working here. This week however "measured" went completely out the window, and we were all left with straight madness. Moving is never easy. But when you have all the regular elements (a million boxes, organization problems, the trauma of realizing you might actually be a hoarder) and then add a time crunch things can get crazy. At Miista we're always flying by the seat of our pants and making things happen at super human speed, and this move to our new office was no different. For the past week we've been packing up our place on Tudor Road -- boxing up shoes, sifting through Laura's extensive vintage collection, trying to keep reams and reams of documents in order -- and yesterday was the day. We are finally in our new place, complete with fresh to death new flooring (Laura's allergic to dust so that old carpet was a no go) and are trying to quickly get through the nesting period. ARTHAUS STUDIO 17 is our new home located at 203 Richmond Road in Hackney, East London. The building is a renovated art gallery -- previously inhabited by the renowned Flowers East, called one of the visionary art galleries that helped nurture the Young British artists of the 90s. Freshly renovated, Arthaus houses East London's creatives in a combination work/live space. The first floor has been taken over by artists and designers including Gallerie8, Garnish School of Sound and other fashion designers like ourselves, while the upper levels boast beautiful apartments and townhouses. The lobby has a lovely little gallery, and the pub nearby is a revolving door of babes (so says Una, our resident babe-tracker.) [caption id="attachment_7456" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="ARTHAUS"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_7457" align="aligncenter" width="1200" caption="View from the top"][/caption]