Ok, we've been teasing you guys. We've been going on and on about how brilliant our Spring//Summer '12 collection is....and then taken forEVER to actually get it up on the site. We can only hope you'll forgive us. And in an effort to convince you, check out the styles that will go up THIS Monday! I mean, we know there are no excuses. You Miista ladies need your Spring shoe fix, and we've been totally slacking on getting you the good stuff. But look, tradeshows are so much fun but seriously physically and emotionally draining. And after the two major ones we've had in the past three weeks, it's been a wonder we got shoes on our own feet each morning -- let alone updated to the website. Laura and Tess are conquering the final one in Milan this weekend -- Micam represent! -- they are serious troopers and would love to see some friendly faces, so if you're at the show definitely stop by (and you really won't want to miss our Autumn//Winter collection ELECTRIC WITCHES...but let's not steal the spotlight from Spring for now!) Back to the topic at hand -- our LIVE FREE, RIDE HARD collection is almost here! Throughout Monday we'll be uploading some of the most popular styles up onto our site, think super bright, butter soft leathers, chunky, stacked wooden heels and T-straps galore! If you haven't seen the full lookbook shot by Miista darling Saga Sig and styled by Bjork's stylist Raven you absolutely must click here. The lookbook is the perfect representation of the collection: strong, loud, colorful and quirky while featuring feminine elements and Wild West themes. This is a whole new chapter for Miista -- the volume that we've become known for is still there, but design and color wise the collection is much more light and playful. We could talk about this collection 'til we're blue in the face, but let's skip all that and get straight to the money shot -- photos! HIGH HEELS We are totally head over heels (har har) for the pumps in this collection. 12.8 cm//5 in of stacked wood plus front platforms and lots of comfy padding means these showstoppers will keep you going all day. So good, right? In addition to this heel bonanza happening Monday, we're also giving you the perfect Spring flat. Julia, the suede smoking slipper of your dreams, has a veritable bouquet on the toe and an itty bitty 1.5 cm (0.6 in) heel. And really, you never know when the zombie apocalypse will come. And there it is! Monday will be a good day. And don't forget, there will be even MORE of our Spring styles trickling in throughout the month -- this isn't even close to being everything! If you have any thoughts, comments or requests in regard to the collection please let us know! We love hearing from you!