Live Free Ride Hard PINTEREST Contest

Our Spring//Summer 2012 collection revolves around two super powerful themes: LIVE FREE RIDE HARD traditional Western styles and WOMAN OF THE SUN native Incan tribal wear. Strong. Bright. Detailed. Adventurous. At least that's our interpretation. What's yours? We want YOU to work your personal style magic and make a moodboard on that represents your take on the themes we used in our SS12 collection. Time to bust out the creativity and let us see what you're working with ladies. Are you a Live Free Ride or Die kind of girl? A red hot Woman of the Sun? We've posted the original moodboards for the two themes as boards on our PINTEREST page -- miistashoes -- titled WOMAN OF THE SUN Moodboard and LIVE FREE RIDE HARD Moodboard. They are right at the top of our Pinterest page. Take a look to get a little inspiration and you can also check out the collection write up here. The content is in no way limited to just shoes or fashion -- use anything and everything that you think adds to the story of one of the themes! The moodboard submitted that works to both embody Miista's spirit of MEASURED MADNESS and your own personal style will win a free pair of shoes from our SS12 collection! And what exactly is Measured Madness you ask? Measured Madness is our guideline of design. Miista brings together seemingly opposing forces and deliberately juxtaposes elements that would be at war without creative expertise. Miista style is irreverent and uncommonly beautiful. And as a curator of styles, we are always searching for an elegant balance in the unusual. QUICK RECAP//CONTEST RULES: 1. Follow miistashoes on PINTEREST 2. Be inspired by either the WOMAN OF THE SUN or LIVE FREE RIDE HARD moodboards. 3. Pick which theme you want to work with -- we know they're both super amazing but just pick one! 4. Create a board on your page and name it after the theme you're using 5. Get to work and pin away! Use a minimum of 20 pins (images) to represent the theme you choose. When you're all done post the link of your moodboard to our Facebook page. Submissions will be accepted until April 2. You have two whole weeks to create your masterpiece! [caption id="attachment_7850" align="aligncenter" width="661" caption="Our LIVE FREE RIDE HARD Moodboard"][/caption] So get crazy. Show us your wildest of dreams. Do not play it safe. Registration to PINTEREST is free and if you haven't used it before, don't worry it's super easy and really fun. If you run into any issues with registration just email us at chloe at miista dot com and we'll get you all set up (sometimes it says there is a waiting list but we can send you an invite so it's no big thang.) And to make sure it's a level playing field, use of PINTEREST is required. No Photoshop wizardry allowed!