This was much more difficult than we expected. Everyone who participated positively blew us away -- all of you did such a stellar job that we couldn't pick just one we picked three. We asked you to create a moodboard for one of two Miista Spring themes -- either WOMAN OF THE SUN featuring tribal details or LIVE FREE RIDE HARD with Western elements. The winning moodboard had to incorporate both Miista's MEASURED MADNESS cornerstone of design as well as feature the creator's personal style. We want twists and turns, the unexpected next to the beautiful, the bizarre next to the artistic...and all of you understood that. The submssions were awesome -- we are so excited that everyone go so into this giveaway and that definitely means we'll be doing more contests like this in the future. So on to the winner... We took an office poll and almost unanimously decided that IRENE GERMANO created the best board! Irene chose the WOMAN OF THE SUN theme and represented it with South-Western get ups, magical desert images and a vintage Playboy cover. There is an expertly created mix of hard and soft -- everything feels very cohesive and makes sense together. Each individual image is interesting, but when viewed together it's actually difficult to look away. You can tell that she really spent time curating everything and didn't just grab the first image that was relevant. Irene will be able to pick any pair of shoes from our Spring//Sumer 2012 collection and her work will be featured here on our blog, as well as our other social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr and, of course, Pinterest! So now we must mention the slight change we made to the contest. The work submitted was just too good to only pick one winner! Therefore, we have two runner-ups who will receive 50% discounts at our online shop. The first runner up is GRACE O'LEARY with her take on the WOMAN OF THE SUN. Her boho-centric board was all about Pamela Love, peacock chairs, gold '70s jewelry, afros, serious patterns and Travis Bickle. She created a WOMAN OF THE SUN who rocks perfectly round sunnies, wears a bell-sleeve like nobody's business and shakes your hand and immediately knows your sign. And for creating the image of this gypsy-boho lady Grace will get 50% at our shop! And finally we have Colleen Bulfin who chose to work with LIVE FREE RIDE HARD. She's put together the perfect mix of vintage and modern to create the feel of freedom. Wind in your hair, top down, head scarf flowing in the breeze kind of freedom. And she won our hearts with the inclusion of Indiana Jones -- who doesn't love Harrison Ford? Colleen will enjoy a 50% discount as well and we are so excited to see how all three of these creative ladies will be styling their new shoes! A big thank you to everyone who participating -- we love doing things like this will all of you and when the turn out is as awesome as it was for this, it guarantees that we'll continue to get you fun little projects and lots of chances for free shoes!