Fashion photographer Easton Schirra used some of our shoes in an editorial he recently shot for Fiasco Magazine and the final images are killer. The spread, entitled NIGHT CHAMP, is an editorial piece within the "Rebellious Activist" issue of Fiasco Mag. The shoot was inspired by the male model Charlie. Aside from profiting off his pretty face, he also dabbles in boxing. We're not sure if it's of the professional sort or the kind of thing that takes place in a Brooklyn warehouse at 3 am, bare knuckle and all -- but we do know that it's pretty hot. A model putting his ability to make money on the line -- Vogue doesn't book models with black eyes and cracked skulls -- all to explore his primitive nature and primal instincts. RaWR! The atmosphere of the shoot is dark and brooding, all sweaty muscles and uppercuts, and the sexual tension between Davis, the female model, and Charlie is palpable. Who doesn't love to watch their man win a fight? The shoot was styled by Danae Despain and she created viscerally sexy streetwear looks, with a some sheer elegance mixed in. The images tell the story of a fighter and his woman -- it starts with the two of them, pre-fight, him lost in thought planning his attack, a motorcycle thrown in the mix to show what a bad boy he is and her looking effortlessly flawless in a crisp white one piece and our Batilda. Cut to right before the fight as a friend in a studded leather jacket amps up our champ and his lady reassuringly rubs his back as he rests on her thigh, our Andee boot between his legs. Charlie demolishes his opponent, straddling his chest as he beats his face in while our leading lady watches in her Batildas. They celebrate his triumph and he leaves donning the accessories of a winner: a fur coat and a hot lady. Victory! NIGHT CHAMP - editorial in 'The Rebellious+Activist' Issue (19) of FIASCO Photographer: Easton Schirra Fashion stylist: Danae Despain Hair/Mu: Selda Cortes Asst: Sarah Francavilla Models: Davis @ RED / Charlie @ Major You can read the full issue of Fiasco here. And now for some outtakes courtesy of Easton.