The fashion industry plays with your mind. It banishes the natural signs that come with the changing of the seasons, and replaces them with industry wide agreed upon deliveries. So even though Scotland is seeing icy rain and low temperatures, Goodstead managed to inject their newest lookbook with loads of sunshine! Goodstead's newest lookbook is filled with happy Summery colors, floral prints and is of course supported by their Kokedama window installation! The theme of the season is "Unlikely Forager" and here's what Goodstead has to say about their newest creation: This S/S our rails are bursting with the joys of spring! The earthy tones, the bright colours and the fruity and floral prints all told us that our theme this season should somehow incorporate nature and then BOOM our ‘Unlikey Forrager’ theme was born. It’s important to us that the look book represents and appeals to the broad spectrum of Goodstead customer so we decided to use friends and genuine customers rather than ‘models’ for the shoot. We love that they used real people as models, the lookbook really is an inspiration. While Laura and I went through it this morning she commented that she would love to take a Miista lookbook back to reality like this. We are on the look out for documentary style photographers who could help us do a lookbook that really keeps things down to Earth and realistic. Goodstead did such an amazing job at this while still projecting such a clean, Summertime look. Bright wood floors, clean white walls, and of course the beautiful plant displays all highlight the clothing so nicely. We love the floral prints that they paired with our tan ALKA -- the whole colorway of the shoot looks fantastic with our orange-y, almost mustard toned tan. Goodstead is a must-visit boutique in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is the type of store that caters to women. Period. All age groups, all styles, all demographics -- you can walk in and find something that fits you perfectly -- note the fantastically styled elder featured in their lookbook #nextlevel. Much of their ability to span across all groups stems from their perfectly edited selection of to-die-for basics. That's not to say though that you won't find amazing statement pieces as well, but they really bring it home with the basics. Goodstead is all about quality and a unique feel. We LOVED interviewing them last week -- see it here -- Nikki Kent you're a rockstar. Both a retail rockstar and a literal one, check out her band DIGITAL JONES below! (Nikki we had to, Laura and I are obsessed with your band!)