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A look at cities and towns that have stood the time despite being abandoned by their inhabitants long ago. Today Buzzfeed.com posted some of the most hauntingly beautiful images we've ever come across. From Taiwan to Italy, Namibia to France certain cities exist as photographs -- providing a look into a different time. The most impacting images come from the Ukraine, the site of the deadly Chernobyl incident that spread radiation across the world -- even the US reported higher levels -- crippled Russia's economy and ruined the lives of countless individuals. It's clear that the city was left in a hurry and has been relatively untouched since -- some of the photographs look like scenes from The Walking Dead, as if a zombie apocalypse wiped everyone out. It's incredible to imagine visiting a site like this, it definitely makes you rethink the things that you consider to be permanent. The delicate balance of everything in life is constantly shifting, and it definitely feeds those nightmares of waking up to a world entirely like this. And though haunting, there is a quite beauty in these images that makes them difficult to forget. And we especially have to wonder -- why would anyone want to shoot at Pripyat? Apparently the radiation levels are low enough now to handle for limited periods of time, but there's just something about radiation that's so insidious and scary. But hey, to all of the photographers included below, we appreciate your bravery! Click photos for credit & source. To see the rest of the abandoned cities, visit Buzzfeed.com