Miista x Solestruck: Box Design Contest Top 10

YOU made this our best contest ever! Here are our favorite 10 designs, but even narrowing it down to this many was difficult! God you guys, you have no idea. We are honestly still in disbelief over these entries -- you went ALL.OUT. There were so many incredible designs that taking it down to 10 for this blog, let alone THREE for the placing winners, was almost impossible. Just to recap -- we asked all of The Miistas out there to design a shoe box around our Fall collection ELECTRIC WITCHES. The winning design will be put into production and used in a limited run for fall deliveries. The winner will also be featured on both the Miista blog and the Solestruck blog, and best of all will win THREE pairs of shoes from the Electric Witches collection! And can we just say that with the entries we got all of you deserve literally 100 pairs. They were killer. So here's the deal. We asked for the shoebox design of course, but then on top of that we also wanted a short explanation of the work along with a Pinterest board showing the story of their inspiration. Below you'll find some of our favorites, the absolute best of the best. But please, if you don't see yours below don't be upset. The competition was ridiculously steep and we were impressed by every.single.one. Thank you Miistas, you are amazing! Here they are in no particular order. Stay tuned as winners will be announced Tuesday, May 22 at 10am Eastern Standard Time! XING D. To me, Japanese 90's Visual Kei Rock bands reflected the idea of Boy George meets Victorian lace and Cyber Punk with perfection :-). Add a hint of Cirque du Soleil, some Cyber Goth culture and spread a bit of eerie video game concept art over it and you get my visual direction. To create the picture, I gathered all kinds of images that I felt reflected the theme and let inspiration guide me into patching them together like a jigsaw. The end result turned out to be a fiery witch queen with crazy octopus hair. Pinterest Inspiration CAROL MAHON When I first heard the title “Electric Witches”, I immediately thought of an eerie and dark collection, but also one brimming with excitement and vivacity. A collection that was alive. I imagined a darkness just waiting to explode, leaving a trail of mischief and energy in it’s wake. The Miista brand and the inspiration cited behind this collection were both so strong that I wanted my image to also be impactful. I liked the idea of an atypical witch as a focus; a Miista witch. It conjured up an image of a strong and dominant woman in my mind, a woman that takes no shit and does what she pleases, a woman that would most likely rock a pair of Miista shoes! I drew a strong face with a soft yet sturdy silhouette, over a backdrop of explosive colour. I liked the idea of juxtaposing dark witchy and gothic elements with something a little brighter and more alive. I merged religious iconography like inverted crosses with a little play on the electric theme in the form of a lightning bolt. I liked this little image as almost a logo for the collection “Electric Witches”. Pinterest Inspiration SOPHIE DIMITRIOU Miista seems like a powerful, unique, brand. My entry reflects these qualities, it's bold, unique and mysterious, as would be a modern, electric witch. The detail and small intricacies reflect the fine craftsmanship and detail of the shoes Miista creates. The abstract, unique shapes and blend of colours creates a sense of secrecy and mystique, qualities that are essential in the representation of a spooky, witch vibe. I've not only created a shoebox, but an illustration, a piece of design that users can use as wall art, a piece to decorate the space around them. In this day and age, shoe boxes shouldn't turn into waste, they should turn into decoration that the shoe owner can appreciate. My shoebox not only represents a shoe, it represents a complete, exciting experience that the customer can share with the Miista brand. An experience that can last in their personal space for a long time. Pinterest Inspiration [caption id="attachment_9227" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="She even made a desktop background!"][/caption] ALESSANDRA AMPARO Pinterest Inspiration ABI HEYNEKE For my shoe box design I drew inspiration from ancient cultures and rave culture alike. I looked to the signs and symbols of magick. The visual language of witchcraft is often arranged in concentric circles like a wheel or mandala, representing the universe and infinity. I drew my own mandala and chose to drape it over the lid; the void around draws everything inwards, to the eye at its heart. I wanted electrifying colours: an inky blend of bright cyan, magenta and yellow, creating a rainbow mess. The black background provides a weight and darkness so that the design really pops. Pinterest Inspiration Click here to view Abi's gorgeous PDF LINE VANILLE The box must be completely covered with a Mat black color, and conversely the drawing will be raised with a glossy finish. the visual is really the most striking and pleasant touch. The difference between drawing and brilliant the rest of the matte boxscore people on both elegance. Elegant & Electric Box!! Pinterest Inspiration ELENA FADEEVA My name is Helen and I'm an architecture student from Moscow. Designing this box I was inspired by 90's rave style and by Ukrainian horror story Viy (written by N. Gogol). Pinterest Inspiration XENKA ROTH HI! My name is Xenka and this is my shoebox design. I was inspired by friendship, uniqueness and free spirit. I imagined these girls who are best friends and have totally different styles and attitudes, they love to share their clothes and shoes among them. Individually they are bright shining stars floating through the universe, but when together they form something amazing: a galaxy if you will. For them, shoes are not just a form of footwear or protection but the extensions to their body and soul. Pinterest Inspiration CANSU TASTAN My inspirations were mainly spirit animals, victorian hairstyles, neon colors, weird girls, scars, jellyfishes and dark forests. Tumblr Inspiration IPI ILVES Pinterest Inspiration