We are so pleased to announce the winners of our Solestruck Box Design Contest! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this contest. It was without a doubt our most successful competition yet, and we are still in awe of the caliber of entries that we received. The designs were professional, inspired and so completely cool, and we can't wait to share the winning shoeboxes with all of you! The winner was chosen for both her incredible design and because she really seemed to understand where Miista is coming from. She designed something modern, powerful and beautiful while integrating our theme of Electric Witches. For submitting something so fantastic she will be rewarded with three pairs of shoes from our Fall collection (that means they're shoes you've never seen before!) and her box will be used in a limited run by us this Fall for some of our Electric Witches deliveries. Within each box will be an insert discussing the design and designer. Additionally, both our blog and the Solestruck blog will be running a feature on her. So have we peaked your curiosity? Want to know who this mysterious winner is? WELL.... HERE... YOU... GO... S O P H I E D I M I T R I O U We immediately fell in love with Sophie's entry. The design is intricate, detailed and totally Miista. She understood our concept and created her own ELECTRIC WITCH feel. The colors pop, making this the type of box that girls will keep forever. And that's exactly what we wanted. This shoebox is a true work of art, and we are so honored that Sophie put all this work into our contest. No words. [caption id="attachment_9262" align="aligncenter" width="504" caption="back of box"][/caption] So a bit about Sophie herself: she is a graphic designer from Melbourne, wishes her hair were pink and runs the incredible blog Dark Vice. It wasn't until after we had chosen her entry as the winner that we realized she was the mastermind behind one of our favorite blogs. How cool is that? She does these killer outfit posts -- she throws on her outfit du jour, snaps a shot and then goes graphic designer all over it. Obviously, Sophie only operates on the next level. But really, the coolest part about this contest for us is the fact that it means so much to the winner. When Solestruck announced her win via Facebook she wrote: It's 1.43AM and I have to be up at 7AM, but I'm too hyper from this news. I even woke up my dad =/ This is like a nerdy/fashion obsessed graphic designer's dream come true, I don't think you guys realise how happy I was :D I literally went crazy. Oh and thanks everyone above!!!! and congrats to all the other entries too, I was really impressed by them all. We can't say it enough, congratulations Sophie! We INSIST that you follow your design dreams, you are so talented! Keep up the amazing work and I think it's safe to say that everyone in the Miista office will be keeping one of your boxes once they're produced! Here is what Sophie had to say about her design as well as the link to her Pinterest inspiration board: Miista seems like a powerful, unique, brand. My entry reflects these qualities, it’s bold, unique and mysterious, as would be a modern, electric witch. The detail and small intricacies reflect the fine craftsmanship and detail of the shoes Miista creates. The abstract, unique shapes and blend of colours creates a sense of secrecy and mystique, qualities that are essential in the representation of a spooky, witch vibe. I’ve not only created a shoebox, but an illustration, a piece of design that users can use as wall art, a piece to decorate the space around them. In this day and age, shoe boxes shouldn’t turn into waste, they should turn into decoration that the shoe owner can appreciate. My shoebox not only represents a shoe, it represents a complete, exciting experience that the customer can share with the Miista brand. An experience that can last in their personal space for a long time. Pinterest Inspiration As we mentioned before, it was near impossible to narrow the entries down. There were so many dope designs, but we had to do it, so below you'll find the 2nd and 3rd place winners! Such a close competition, we honestly discussed a three way tie. You girls are amazing. Without further ado.... 2nd PLACE... GOES... TO... LINE VANILLE This design is so strong. A Victorian witch with electric hair and watercolor skin. Love at first sight. We cannot get the image out of our heads, and we love the softness of the paint with the strength of the image. Positively gorgeous. Line Vanille will receive a pair of shoes from our Fall collection once it delivers. Congratulations! Here is the explanation behind the design and a link to the Pinterest inspiration board: The box must be completely covered with a Mat black color, and conversely the drawing will be raised with a glossy finish. the visual is really the most striking and pleasant touch. The difference between drawing and brilliant the rest of the matte boxscore people on both elegance. Elegant & Electric Box!! Pinterest Inspiration And last but absolutely not least, we have 3rd place... GOING... TO... ELENA FADEEVA This entry caught our eye both for the design but also for the inspiration behind it. Helen explains that horror films and rave style were her two main points of inspiration, and it's so interesting to see what came from those two ideas. A six armed goddess of the past ready for the rave, draped in the clothes of today. The simplicity of pencil on a solid color really drew us in -- there's a primitive nature to the design, while still being so modern. Helen wins a pair of shoes from our Electric Witches collection for this killer design. Congratulations Helen! Here is her explanation of the design and a link to her Pinterest Inpsiration board: My name is Helen and I’m an architecture student from Moscow. Designing this box I was inspired by 90′s rave style and by Ukrainian horror story Viy (written by N. Gogol). Pinterest Inspiration Thank you so much again to everyone who entered & winners we will be emailing you today! Love all of you! xx The Miistas