Tales of Retail: Lottie's Atik

Lottie's Atik is a fantastic little shop in Lincoln, UK. They offer a wide range of items -- from super specific forward pieces to classic basics that literally anyone could wear. We were lucky enough to get a chat in with Charlie, the boss lady over there, to get some more info on the enigmatic boutique. If you live in the area and haven't stopped by yet, you'll be kicking yourself after reading about all the killer brands they carry and catching a glimpse of the gorgeous interior! M: So we’ll start at the beginning! When did LA open? Brick and mortar//website? LA: Lottie's Atik opened in October 2010 in a small shop on the same street. July 2011 I moved to a bigger and better shop which I am in now.. 45 Steep Hill. This is when I added a website. (P.s. Steep Hill isn't a joke, its really steep.) M: What was the goal behind opening the store and what is your mission within the industry? LA: I wanted to fill that middle market which no-one seem to have. Lincoln is a lovely town with a lot of lovely boutiques (especially for the size of it). We have to cheap student market covered and your high end Vivienne Westwood, etc. However I wanted to fill that middle market of good quality product that are really individual. And corner the market of clothing between your casual day wear and you very formal wear. M: What brands are you currently carrying and which ones are the most popular with your customer? LA: I carry many brands but my most popular clothing brands are Hybrid dresses, Fount, Brat and Suzie, Bunty & Co, Liquorish, Eucalyptus and Bielle. I have two very popular bag brands Nicola Dann and Missco Girl. We put together a Polyvore based on Charlie's picks that embody the style over at Lottie's Atik! [caption id="attachment_9587" align="aligncenter" width="542" caption="A classic Lottie's Atik look featuring items found in the shop and our XENIA tribal flat!"][/caption] M: And speaking of your customer, who is the LA girl? Tell us all about her! LA: Most people don't believe me and don't think its possible everyone can shop at Lottie's Atik...but they do! M: How do you buy for her -- do you focus on trends or do you specifically address certain niches//styles? LA: Buying for Lottie's Atik is fun.. I look for something different and then things to suit everyone. M: How would you describe the style in your area? LA: Different. M: What will we never find in LA? LA: Something ordinary. M: And on the flip side, what kind of pieces are you known for having? LA: Something different that not everyone has. M: Are there any items this season that the LA team went bananas for? LA: We and everyone else love the colour block satchels from Missco Girl and Hybrid dresses for our summer events, weddings, parties, races! M: Tell us a bit about the ambiance of Lottie's Atik -- how do you go about creating a vibe to set it apart from the rest? LA: We have quirky ways of displaying this which I have sent you a few pics of. We have a vintage suitcase to display all the scarves and a wire dummy and hangers to display jewellery. We're always looking for a new way to do things. M: Any exciting news on the LA front? Site relaunch, store revamping, etc? We’d love to get a heads up on any major news! We will be having a big party and promotion for our second birthday in October! We currently are celebrating the occasional sunny spell with 20% of summer sandals. [ed. note: ladies take note! nothing like a sunny day AND a sale!] Now some questions for you Charlie: NAME: charlie :) JOB TITLE: I do everything HOMELAND: Lincoln.. Yellow belly CURRENT HANDBAG: gorgeous Nicola Dann tassel bag SIGNATURE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING: (that one thing you wear five times a week no matter what): At the moment this must be my Lettuce union jack scarf!! Love. MADONNA OR CHER: neither ONE FOOD YOU'LL NEVER PUT IN YOUR MOUTH: onion! BLOG OBSESSION: www.fashionmixbag.blogspot.com she's my fav friend I met at uni! DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE IN 3 WORDS: anything a bit different [ed. note: Charlie you cheater that's 4! We'll let it slide though ;)] CAT LADY OR DOG WHISPERER: cat!! YOUR FAVORITE MIISTA STYLE OF THE SEASON: Alexa.. I am living in mine!