To help you get through the middle of the week we've collected some of our favorite short films and posted them here. Get your headphones on and relax. We at Miista have just started looking into using video as a medium for our brand. It can be a bit of an intimidating task -- video feels much more revealing that just photography, and also from a beginner's standpoint it seems much more difficult. In order to start gathering ideas for our future project we've been collecting amazing short films for quite some time now. Below you'll find some of our favorites from both fashion heavy hitters like Miu Miu, Alexander Wang and Vogue Italia, as well as from musicians like Sigur Rós and Die Antwoord. And trust us, they aren't those boring fashion films of girls walking aimlessly around in super expensive clothing -- these are an entirely different animal. Plus with Laura just getting back from India and our social media manager just coming in from NYC to London, we're a bit jet lagged and chilling with a nice video sounds like it'll hit the spot just perfectly. Enjoy! 1.) Miu Miu AW2011 MUTA by Lucrecia Martel you'll never look at bugs the same 2.) Vogue Italia March 2012 HAUTE MESS by Steven Meisel you'll think twice about tossing that Skittle wrapper after this 3.) Die Antwoord 2011 UMSHINI WAM by Harmony Korine because you've always got to keep it gangsta 4.) Alexander Wang AW2011 Campaign by Fabien Baron guerilla marketing at it's absolute finest 5.) Prada SS2011 Campaign watch models get all the way down 6.) Sigur Rós 2012 FJÖGUR PÍANÓ by Alma Har'el cross-dressing, butterflies and Shia Labeouf full frontal 7.) Chanel Resort 2012 TALE OF A FAIRY by Karl Lagerfeld a two part story by Lagerfeld, which he explains as "about an ill-advised use of money which begins with violence and ends with feeling.”