Miista Field Day Coverage

Kirsten Campbell went to Field Day and brought us some info and photos for our blog! All the festivals in the UK got shuffled around this year due to the Olympics, and we found ourselves heading to Field Day on the rainy weekend of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. The English never mind a bit of rain at their festivals. in fact, I think it makes them have more fun! Something about beating the weather. Canadians actually do the same thing sometimes, but with the cold. Igloofest in Montreal is a dance music party run outside in the Old Port of the city every weekend in January, and their busiest nights are always when it's coldest! Field Day has only been running for about 5 years, and they've distinguished themselves from other festivals by having a consistently cutting edge lineup of new and heritage rock and indie acts, plus some great dance music tents for people what want to have a little rave. Shall we begin then? Enter through the toilet tunnel! First stop was the VIP to check out the haircuts and get some strong drinks. Then we went straight to check out the lovely Jessie Ware. This is one of her first live performances and I was super excited to see her play. The lovely lady did not disapoint and ran through Running, 110% and her amazing cover of What You Won't Do for Love. This grainy picture doesn't really do her justice, so check out this incredible video directed by Kate Moross for Running. Diva in the making!!! Stopped for a glass of Pimm's as the weather seemed to be lightening up.... Next up was Kindness. The amount of buss surrounding this individual is pretty substantial. His album, World, You Need A Change of Mind came out ealier this spring and you could hear it at any hipster houseparty from Dalston to Palm Springs. The live show was fantastic!! Mastermind Adam Bainbridge was all over the stage and dancing like a long haired and taller Prince. Also this video is amazing: Dev from Blood Orange even came out for a jam Field Day Radio girls took some time out to come see the set as well. Back outside the sun was still trying to come out. We decided to go for a little spin while we waited for Grimes Montreal native Grimes released her album, Visions, on 4AD at the beginning of these year. Claire Boucher weaves vocal and synth loops together to form haunting songs and her live show incorporates dance, 2d visuals and some MAD costumes. Bullet magazine called her sound “the marriage between the voice of a human and the heartbeat of a machine,” which I actually think it pretty apt. Around 8000 people packed into that tent in East London to watch her play and I can't imagine that any of them were disappointed. Next up was Toy. Mates with the Horrors and sounding similar yet different, I've been fans of these guys since I saw thme play in Shoreditch over a year ago. The crush was too intense for photos but just listen to this track... such a warm sound! Franz Ferdinand closed out the night. We huddled away from what was now drizzle in a darkening evening and warmed up with some tacos and tequila shots. As Franz took the stage, grown men danced and jumped about in the rain at the back of the crowd to tub-thumpers like “Do You Want To”, “Take Me Out”. We sang, umped and pumped our umbrellas. (photo credit - thisisfakediy.co.uk) Check out this amazing time lapse shot of the main stage from the Guardian website -- Nighty night Field Day