Cheaper with a Tweet: Round 2

Our interactive sale in January was a smashing success so we've brought it back again for summer! The Cheaper with a Tweet campaign allows YOU to decide which styles go on sale and by how much! We got such an incredible response to our Cheaper with a Tweet Twitter promotion earlier this year that we decided we had to bring it back again for round 2. Come Monday our online shop will be updated to include a "Make It Cheaper" button under each style. Click the button, sign into your Twitter account and voila! The style is made cheaper. We won't be discounting anything ourselves, it is all up to you! And your tweet. The discount amount is determined automatically by a Klout Score algorithm -- you won't have to worry about that though as the site will work it all out for you. Klout Score measure a Twitter user's influence level -- a combination of the quantity and quality of your followers. An average and active Twitter user will have a Klout score of about 20, which would bring the price of a shoe down by around 1.5%. But an exceptional Twitter user's Klout score could bring the price down as much as 7%! This is where the networking aspect comes into play. Everyone is allowed only one Tweet (we know, we know, but we couldn't make it too easy for you now could we??) so if you want to play the campaign strategically, call in back up! Hit up your friends, your favorite bloggers, attentive celebs -- anyone who has a Twitter account can submit a Tweet and reduce the price for everyone! The campaign will begin on Monday July 9th. Since we have to watch very closely for any glitches at checkout we can only keep the store open from 10am-8pm London time, 5am-3pm Eastern Standard/NYC. Everyone is allowed one tweet and one purchase. Last time we did this some of the styles went for shipping cost alone (!!) so you'll want to keep close watch on the shop while it's open. So remember ladies: Monday. 10am London time, 5am NYC time. Make the sale happen! Full Terms & Conditions: 1.During the twitter campaign the maximum of pairs permitted is one pair per customer and Pay Pal account or Credit/Debit card. 2.Customers are restricted to tweeting only one product during the campaign. 3.The campaign is finishing on the 16th of July, subject to stock availability. 4.All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price. 5.Dispatch times may vary according to availability and any guarantees or representations made as to delivery times are limited to mainland UK and subject to any delays resulting from postal delays or force majeure for which we will not be responsible. 6.Refunds and returns are not permitted during this sale period.