Lookbook Extravaganza: Floss Gloss

Flossed and Glossed like a Boss. In a classic "turn your favorite thing into money" move, three friends who spent their college procrastination hours obsessing over all things nails have brought the dream to life. Aretha Sack, Janine Lee and Monica Kim Garza all met at a California art school and are bringing their own personal flavor to the nail industry -- which tends to be a pretty incestuous, high barrier to entry realm. Floss Gloss is a cruelty free, and made in the good old US of A with no DBPs, Formaldehyde, and Toulene (that's a good thing.) Their current collection of colors features what they couldn't find while fastidiously creating their own nail designs -- including Tanlines, the absolute perfect nude (if only I could find a damn lipstick this shade that actually worked well), Wavepool, a gorgeous shade of baby blue, and Stun, a gold glitter the likes of which I've never come across before. It looks like pulverized gold flake that would actually give phenomenal coverage and make your nails look like King Midas was getting handsy with you. Aretha, their color expert also has ID'd a key "vamp color" for Fall and it looks like Floss Gloss' Party Bruise, "an espresso brown, navy blue mystery" is taking the crown (it's on pre-order, get-them-while-you-can status right now so go forth and purchase!) Oh and PS you can get the entire shabang for $98. That's all 11 hard to find, rare as shit colors plus a base coat and a top coat. Word on the street is that the top coat rivals what I know all us New Yorkers are using -- so put down the Seche Vite ladies, there's a new cowboy in town! [caption id="attachment_10202" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="PARTY BRUISE"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_10203" align="aligncenter" width="349" caption="STUN"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_10204" align="aligncenter" width="347" caption="TANLINES"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_10206" align="aligncenter" width="347" caption="WAVEPOOL"][/caption] If you don't love them already just wait until you see this lookbook. And can we just talk about the fact that there even is a lookbook? You know we are such LB junkies, and this is the first, particularly the first independent nail company we've ever seen put something out of this caliber. To check out the lookbook in full click here. Buy it all up ladies so they can keep releasing these insane bananas off the chain give me give me more lookbooks. Seriously. THANK YOU! If you like what you see check out their Facebook page and Tumblr