Unfiltered Thoughts on Murder in the Social Media Age

"Might even kill somebody and YouTube it//To whoever think their words affect me is too stupid//And if you can do it better than me, then you do it!" Kanye - Theraflu By Chloe Dinga. The way art imitates life, life imitates art. The world pulled a neck breaking double take in June when Canadian....how do we describe him? There's no real job, no real accomplishments other than horrifying Youtube vids. First with dead kittens, then with a dead a Chinese student. Granted it was gore.com rather than Youtube that initially caught site of Magnotta's snuff flick, still the same concept. So what does this mean? Do we blame fame at all costs? Even in the face of severe prison time? Do we blame a society of overexposure and hyper expression? It's such a literary fallacy to pull one instance and make grand speculations on the world at large, but this has to mean something. At the very least, this is what we're in for now. Murder over Youtube. Strap in folks, shit's guaranteed to get interesting. The dopest video ever sans Kanye, crazy eh So what to say about Magnotta then? It's a fake name and a fake life that he's built via tedium and hate. Unfortunately for the kid he's just never been likable. A big ego and over 70 social media accounts to provide him with those cherished few positive comments, he never really got anywhere. His porn career failed (not much to see there wink wink nudge nudge) and his escort jobs fizzled out as he became known as a "dead fish" with even deader eyes. He wasn't even an American for christ's sake but that Kardashian longing was instilled in him good. I went through and saved every article, fascinated by this mess, but I avoided writing about it. I researched it all and there was just too much. I read every blog he wrote, his piece on necrophilia is particularly stunning in it's inauthenticity. Enjoy it here. But now it all seems moot. Encyclopedia Dramatica will give you a great rundown if you care anymore. I started a piece on him, in Italics below, a rambling effort using Plato's Allegory of the Cave and Bowie's route to fame via inauthenticity but I just couldn't get through it. I don't know why. Living in the age of social media we watch as life shifts to a virtual reality. We've become wary of what we can't find on the internet, as it now solidifies truth and existence. As with the advent of photography in the 19th century, we are now once again being forced to take a new lens to information in an effort to distinguish image versus reality -- and it is increasingly difficult to tell the two apart. The internet has become a strange new perceptual realm -- a place that we often will trust more than our own eye, but at the same time are constantly considering the source, skeptical of the content. Any question of reality and perception begs to be brought back to Plato's Allegory of the Cave, which tells the story of a group of prisoners chained inside a cave since birth, lined up to face a wall, unable to move. Behind them burns a fire, which allows for the passing action of the outside world to be projected onto the wall as shadows; their ultimate reality. But when one man is freed and dragged into the sunlight, his eyes become corrupted. He now understands the reality within the cave more than any of the uncorrupted prisoners, as he has gained reference to the source of the shadows. Reality for those within the cave is controllable -- and since it is the only point of reference for the cave dwellers, whatever is projected on the wall is truth. Outside the cave exists the fundamental form of reality, that of ideas beyond the material and sense-oriented. Today, the internet allows individuals to create image based realities like this. And before the internet, photography allowed for these carefully constructed truths. David Bowie did it as he glided from one reality to the next -- Ziggy Stardust to Aladin Sane -- creating characters meant to embody the ideals he was attracted to socially. He effectively ditched his original self David Jones, a shy boy with a casual '60s wardrobe of bellbottoms and shaggy hair, to become Ziggy Stardust, the epitome of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Cloaking yourself in a visual persona is akin to wearing a mask -- if you put it on right, no one can see the real you. So while it took Bowie real talent and a record deal to affix his mask, all it took Luka Magnotta was a Wi-Fi password. Eric Newman is a rather unremarkable man. LOL there's a reason it never got published. It bothered me so much I fell back on Plato and Bowie, more comfortable writing about them than giving this psychopath more prime time media coverage. [caption id="attachment_10673" align="aligncenter" width="620" caption="Luka Magnotta"][/caption] Here's a brief rundown. Magnotta wanted to be famous so bad it hurt. He made up careers in Miami and LA, but stayed in Montreal for lack of job prospects. He couldn't even land a reality show. Here's his audition. Dead voice, lack of animation, not much on screen. So he started to resort to social media. He built a name, that most hated, but at least they knew. But he was continually ignored. No one cared about all the "modeling" pics, but he figured out quickly what people did care about. And apparently that was dead kittens. Three Youtube videos later and way more people knew his name. All it took was suffocating, drowning and feeding various baby pussies to snakes to get there. But any fame whore knows, you always need more. And what's national fame to worldwide infamy? A whole lot of nothing. Jun Lin, a happy faced Chinese student studying abroad in Canada, dated Magnotta for a short time. After breaking up, Magnotta lured him to his apartment under the prospect of making a sexy little tape. He tied Jun up, sliced his throat, stabbed him over and over and over and over -- the release of pent up frustration must have felt great! -- then dismembered, had sex with and ate some of the body. Cannibalism! Necrophilism! Decapitated corpses! Papers sold like wildfire. Magnotta ran off to Europe, but not before mailing Lin's extremities to various government and state organizations -- just in case everyone hadn't heard yet of his little gore fest. Then the video popped up. I pulled it up but chickened out last minute. It's not hard to find if you're of sound mind and think you're a big man but I'd just avoid the whole thing. Seriously, people in forums out there are claiming PTSD over watching it. So he got away. Partied in Paris, made his way to Berlin. My favorite part of the story? He's caught in an internet cafe looking up stories on himself. It's like a movie, too perfect for words. Immediately extradited to Canada -- and given Hannibal Lector serial killer style treatment the entire way -- he now sits and waits, as we do. [caption id="attachment_10675" align="aligncenter" width="287" caption="Arrest time"][/caption] Social media is changing everything. Sales. Marketing. Self-promotion. Fame. Sex. Music. Movies. Life. And now it's come full circle to include death too. I know this is only the most high profile case. I know I shouldn't make grand assumptions. But Luka you did it. You changed the game. And fell right in time with the release of a hit Kanye song too, I mean goddamn if life isn't surreal now. PS I'm not linking to them because they're ridiculous but there's now numerous Magnotta fan pages. Those who find sympathy in the poor boy led astray. Not much action on Jun Lin, but everyone loves a good killer no?