Fall Urban Outfitters Catalog: Low Fi Chic

The Urban Outfitters Fall catalog is here and full of low fi '90s looks! By Chloe Dinga. We are so into this catalog -- and it really seems like a whole new level for UO! Pattern mixing, high ponies and shimmery fabrics in a grungy LA street style setting makes for a fantastic flip through. Our favorite part? Well other than the sticker simulated henna hand tattoo, it's definitely the full page spread our pink KIA boot got! Mixed up with pastel skinnies, an all the way buttoned flannel and oversized menswear blazer, the model effectively struts her stuff in our lively little ankle boots. We've included our favorite pages below but you can check out the full monty on UO's Facebook page or request an in person read from the site! Our Fall collection Electric Witches is starting to slowly trickle in to the store and be sure to check back in the next few weeks for more killer Autumn/Winter Miista styles!