ARAB SPRING: Jeremy Scott SS 2013

Every time fashion week rolls around and the excitement builds there's always a few designers that we've got on our mental must see list. And every season, Jeremy Scott is on that list. By Chloe Dinga. If you aren't familiar with the avant-garde, postmodern designer we touch a bit on his career in a previous Fashion Backward post. But really, if you don't know him, you need to get to. He creates wild and outlandish presentations, always with an immediately identifiable theme, but he is equally eccentric as he is intensely valued by the fashion community. You can't write this odd bird off. Even Lagerfeld, our dear old grandpoppy of couture agrees, having named Scott as the only person that could replace him at the helm of Chanel. And it may have to do with the fact that Scott's work goes far beyond knowing the female form and using the right colour palette, instead he delves into the collective brain of society and digs out the symbols and ideas that resonate the most. He is the Andy Warhol of clothing -- as his pop art-esque style revolves around iconography that is recognized on the spot and his shows can keep the attention of even those as far removed from fashion as possible. Yes, your dad would be entertained. For Spring 2013 Scott looked to the Middle East -- integrating exotic animal prints, lots of gold and some AK47s -- and then brought the concept full circle back to New York with snapbacks and Harlem-centric swagger. As Aaliyah and Missy Elliot blared through the speakers, Scott's models stomped the runway in sheer veils paired with flatbrim hats, head to toe safari animal prints and gold, gold plus more gold. And as always he incorporated lots of athletic elements -- electric blue snake print mens track suits, oversized button up baseball style tees for the girls (albeit paired with thigh high stilettos) and mesh tank tops, bralets and full length jersey dresses. Arab Spring is one of the most fun and original collections of the season, but at this point we'd expect absolutely nothing less from Mr Scott. View the entire collection here. The man, the myth, the legend...the designer who put ostrich leather snapbacks down the runway: Jeremy Scott [Remember how we told you not too long ago that if you didn't have a backpack and a snapback you had some serious soul searching to do? Well here's exactly why.]