HAILEE: Born by popular demand.


We live to realise and share ideas - with you, the miistas - but sometimes shoes which we know you will love do not make it past samples or sketches. HAIILEE has a different story.



Our shoes are made using bespoke lasts and patterns so to make them we need to produce a certain number of pairs, or sell them at unrealistic prices. This means that if buyers from larger stockists don't believe in a design, it won't make it to production. As we try to translate our often unusual designs to reality, some of the best ones are left behind. 

HAILEE was one of these shoes. 

But being an independent designer also means that we're closer to our customers than anybody else. And when we posted a picture of HAILEE across our Social Media channels we saw how much you loved it. So, we sat down with the team and asked one question:

"How the hell are we going to convince the factory to make a small batch, just for Miista.com?"
And because we've managed to convince them, in 7 days, she'll be available online!

You won't find them in any other place but at Miista.com so watch the countdown and don't miss the official release date: 18th of November.

Darn, I think we like you too much.


miistas xxx