Mental Hug

Well well well. It's been a tough one, hasn't it? 
Heavy raining, floods, Brexit. 
And it's so awfully quiet right now in our studio. 
Hmmm maybe our lovely miistas feel exactly the same, somewhere out there? 
So what do you do when the ship goes down, and you want to cheer your friends up? I'll tell you what:
You invite them over. Destination: Miista HQ!
So come on y'all let's ease into it with the few things in our office life that we currently have a keen interest in: 
Here's Bec, our Australian babe responsible for the e8 by Miista product development & international sales. She's currently rocking her summertime favs. BOTEGA sandals. Did you know they are reflective!? Really, the mind boggles.
That's the newsletter editor, she's Polish (which just happen to be me, HA). Just can't decide which Amanda sandal I like the most, help! Thanks god they are 40% off so I might get all three of them.
I caught Georgie just before the meeting. She designs at Miista and she loves her Lucille sandals.
You will be glad to know she's English. She also loves this calculator (.)(.)

Above all. Lets remain: happy. We'll help you with that one: Shop the SLIDES SALE and get 40% off our favourite styles! Now please, tell us what you think.

About the slides, referendum, Georgie's (.)(.)?

Just leave me a comment that makes my eyes roll with delight. I'll pass it on to the team!

The miistas xx


EDIT:  You guys. Are the best: