Edinburgh in August is like nowhere else on earth so when Laura said to me:

You're going to cover Fringe Festival for our blog, I clearly lost my marbles. I mean, Laura's choice is not a surprise of any sorts: I'm a bit of comedian myself. Not professionally and it just might be my own humble opinion but I do know how to crack a joke. Every time after I tell one, everybody in the Miista office remain absolutely silent. That obviously means they are dying inside. FROM LAUGHTER. Here's the picture I took shortly after to reassure myself on this:first dibsMiista Shantel shoes from AW16. With the golden dipped fringe. Plus bunch of tickets purchased for the FRINGE SHOWS. I'm a Miista. I'm going to the Fringe Festival. Fringe shoes!!! YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Got it? Got it?

You see, the act of joking: oh so easy!

I packed my vintage miista backpack, jumped on the train to Edinburgh where grass is literary more greener, and spent the whole weekend going back to back to a numerous shows and events. I'm back in London bringing you the very first dibs. Here's the first review:thefringefestival

Sam Simmons: Not A People Person

Last year Simmons won the top comedy award at the Edinburgh Festival, lazily  easily I’ve picked his show among sea of others. After the major flop in the form of The Club show, I wanted a sure thing. And his angry faced poster looked reassuring, too. People with the bushy moustache are funny, no?samsimmons

It’s 2016 now and the comeback night at Fringe was a wee bit far from his best. The pressure powered by the previous success has been piled on and to be perfectly honest: he brought it for himself. But you don’t know it yet, because there he is, entering the stage with the kangaroo paws instead of hands. In this very moment you’re probably pissing yourself gladly and thinking: it’s either a crash or a total crush.

Sam likes structure. His stand-up is accompanied by the narrative audio. It’s a clever concept, the show has a nice rhythm to it and presumably took a lot of planning.
Sam also likes the proper props: stuffed birds, carpet thongs and suggestive, near nudity underwear. carpetthongsTake the indoors out. The carpet thongs...

The guy is natural and gave Edinburgh crowd an hour of physical comedy with some rare bits of sheer genius. It was a harmless gig that Aussies will surely love. It’s also probably hard to soar with eagles when you have (spoiler alert) a human sized protrusion. Ok, It was a fake one, but god knows I had to double check and it's always a bonus of some sort. samsimmons2016

Sam Simmons is an Australian Kanye West of stand-up comedy. Don't get excited. Not the Kanye from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it’s the last album Kanye, Kim Kardashian Kanye. Not that brilliant. Quoting the man himself: 

“Something is not quite “on” today, something is “off.”
Can't be sorry for you, Sam. It's the Fringe Festival not Adelaide 
(Adelaide is an Australian Stand up Comedy Festival that really wants to be an Edinburgh's Fringe, but is just a sad rip-off: Editorial Note). Ain’t got time for that, not with the overwhelming choice of plethora shows a day. The King is dead, long live the King! Next year not choosing Simmons will be a no-brainer.
I do have my original method for deciding if the show was worth seeing, though. I mean, you owe it to the hard work they're all putting up. Dear Miista reader, I'd like to share my method with you. If the gig's good I usually want to swap the places with the comedian in question. I want his wit, his swagger. And here's the bloody problem. When I saw Sam Simmons in the last seconds of his Fringe show with the pants down, belly sticking out, fake testicles and widely spread rainbow wings. For one, single second I didn't want to be myself anymore. I wanted to be that man on the stage.edinburghYou liked it? tell me, tell me, tell me: oriana@miista.com
ALSO: there are more reviews from THE FRINGE FESTIVAL coming THIS WEEK.

Eyes peeled, internet angels.

Miistas xx