The inauguration of Donald J. Trump as our 45th President was never considered a possibility, once upon a time. How could a crude, foul-mouthed TV star be elected to lead the free world? People aren't that stupid! Now the day is upon us, and my first act of resistance is to boycott it. I would rather watch my own beheading than give Trump the TV ratings that mean so much to him.

The day after the inauguration, I will be marching in protest, but it's not about partisan issues. The sense among sane Americans is that we must stand against Trump as a moral duty. He has violated all the rules of common decency, so shamelessly that we feel personally violated. Each time his words or behaviour alarmed us, it seemed certain that his campaign was over. Each time it wasn't over, we wondered if there was a bottom, a line he might cross that his supporters would object to.


But no. Americans wanted change. That's what everyone says to justify Trump's success. It's a fatuous explanation, though. "Change" would have been voting for one of his 16 Republican opponents. Change doesn't mean electing the most unqualified and sociopathic buffoon who wanted the job.


This election cycle has been a shock we may never get over. It speaks to the stupidity of the American electorate, although let's remember that Hillary won the popular vote.  It speaks to the gullibility of working people who believe that a greedy businessman wants only to improve their lives.

If the corruption and narcissism weren't enough, we now have to worry about his cabinet choices. Each one heads an agency that he or she is on record as wanting to destroy. It's like the transition team sat around drinking and asked, "Who's the most preposterous choice for this one?" Trump hates our intelligence agencies, our military, our values, our ethics laws, and our free press. He hates women and he hates Muslims. How will he make America great?
Never mind how, just buy the hat.

Everyone I know is distraught but ready to fight. I don't know anyone who voted for Trump, because I don't hang out with knuckle-heads. One of my neighbours put up a handmade Trump sign, so I put up a No-Trump sign.


It was the least I could do, almost literally. I'm glad I can say that when Trump came to my community to grandstand on a warship, I joined the protest. I felt pretty good about myself, but it will take more than a day or two of activism to save our democracy. I don't think it's overstating the case to say that he threatens the entire world with his arrogant insistence
on insulting our allies and fawning over Vladimir Putin.
Here's what I wrote back in April, before the end of innocence:
What is it about a fat loud bully that American men find so appealing? Is it some kind of projection? Is it a vicarious thrill to see some shameless lowlife insulting his betters?I blame the press. I blame Donald Trump’s parents. And I blame the Idiocracy that America’s anti-intellectualism has spawned. Feel more comfortable with stupidity, America? How stupid is stupid enough?
Sure, Ted Cruz is a crazy prick and Kasich is a jerk. But there is nothing on earth as awful as Donald Trump.
Well, I was on to something, wasn't I? Nothing is as awful, but his minister of propaganda, Kellyanne Conway, comes close. His sons, Uday and Qusay, I mean Eric and Don Jr., will lend their sketchy business acumen to the Trump regime, along with favourite daughter Ivanka, who will play the First Lady. They're like a clan of evil circus clowns, starring in a show we will have to watch for the next four years.

beef jerks

In contrast, the Obama family are like gods. They are a model of decency that I hope will guide us in the coming months. They are proof that patriotism exists, that there are things more valuable than financial profit. America has really screwed up. We can pray for impeachment, or pretend it's all a bad dream. We have little but our free press to keep this maniac in check. But first, we must boycott the inauguration.  If we can't turn off the TV for one day, we deserve to be losers on The Apprentice, after all.