We Made You.

The joys of freshly crafted leather shoes and knowing the names of 
the people who made them.


Our shoes are designed in our East London studio and handmade in Spain by local crafts(wo)men; a highly skilled shoemaking community that has been upholding tradition since the 19th century.

AW17 Collection Miista Designed in London Handcrafted in Spain

The design process begins in our East London studio where we cover the floor with ideas and swatches in an attempt to translate a feeling into something physical. We sketch and sketch and sketch, and once we’ve settled on the designs we present them to Fran - our last maker who begins the making process.

Each season, we learn how to work with new construction methods, materials and shapes, and everyone (including - Chuti, Paco, Isaac, Paqui, Maite, Irene and Salva) is involved. We value and nurture a close relationship with some of the most talented makers, they remain at the core of our vision and success. 

AW17 707 Collection Miista Shoes

AW17 features the introduction of asymmetrical heels, embroidered textiles and rich, vivid suedes. These are unusual, elegant and wearable shoes for a woman in a modern day metropolis.