what does a pair of nylons, a blackcurrant Ribena and the spandex fetish all have in common?

The very latest shows from Paris FW are good news and bad news, which do you want first?
ON THE BRIGHT SIDE of the next season, we have NEHERA: Spring 2
017 is about an elegant deconstruction of the classics. 
It's not about material, colour or even shape that counts for Samuel Drira’s collection. Palette is mostly white, beige, black, navy with a pops of red.
It's the idea of reimagining staples that says super-luxe and super-smart.
Designer based his inspiration on the construction of a shirt. The result? Modest and intellectual canvas for some more exciting footwear, for which you would have to reach out outside of this collection. But with this conceptual approach he made it impossible to spoil the garments with the bad accessories. And believe me, PFW have seen some adventurous shoe designs this season...
Dare you not to smile, meet Balenciaga for SS17. Collection instantly raises the question: what does a pair of nylons, a blackcurrant Ribena and the spandex fetish all have in common? These were the ingredients chosen to create their signature boots.
I'm on a mission to make this trend work for me since I'm not an alien to the theme. You could find this image on my phone dating back to the 2015:
Balenziaga luxed-up normcore aesthetics and introduced strong yet wearable silhouettes instead.
The designer topped things off with a fridge-sized coats and blazers. And while legging boot might come and go, the boxy shape of the shoulders is inevitable in 2017.
It may come as a surprise (since we're the footwear brand) but MIISTA might have started the bulky shoulder trend. How?
It was hot summer night, me and Laura (Miista's designer) flew from London to our factories in Spain to check out the production of Spring/Summer 2017 samples for the upcoming season. The shoes were looking great. 

Then I posted the picture above to show the behind the scenes of Miista production in Spain. 
Just a couple moths after the familiar shape was all over the Parisian catwalk:

There is no room for coincidence. The shoulders at Celine show were pointy, as if the wearer forgot to remove a wire hanger. 
Paris seems to be obsessed with the ultra buffed effect. Simon Porte Jacquemus presented the voluminous shoulders in the bohemian context. paris
Apparently it is calledthe statement sleeve, and you can find it in Chloe designs as well. The collection was sweet and significantly sleeved. 

Some of today's most influential fashion bloggers were spotted  in between the shows in Paris rocking the trend already.

Julia from MAFFASHION.

Although I might skip the shoulder trend myself, there is a fashion house whose aesthetic (and softly shaped drop shoulders) are likely to by my personal hit with the first bloom of spring. Acne.

Johansson’s designs contains a nomadic, desert theme.


Rich Moroccan embroidery, patchwork knit and frayed hems in a slouchy-comfy from.
Pragmatic yet full of ethnic inspiration.



Relaxed shapes seem to be soft to the touch and effortless.

Almost lack of accessorises highlights the nonchalant vibe of the collection. 
I guess, modern day nomads can't be bothered with those.
last shoe acne

No worries: Loewe has all the accessories we'll all need next season:
While Jonathan Anderson designs are slightly out of my comfort zone. (I have a serious micro-size obsession and any bag bigger than my wallet or phone gives me anxiety).
He knows exactly what a modern, sophisticated woman wants creating relaxed and luxurious pieces, wearable for pretty much any occasion.

What do you think, will you sport the hunky guy trend? Or the booted tights one? Which side of the bag's size spectrum are you?
Let me know, it's important:


miistas xx