We want you to (quite literally) vote with your feet this summer; a vote for creativity, a vote for comfort, a vote for cool. We want you to vote ==
She's light and airy without exposing your (maybe still quite wintery looking) feet. A hand woven upper allows you to have a little bit more coverage than rope-thin sandals. 

taissa court shoes miista miistashoes woven handcrafted SS17 collection

When something is this functional, it often reduces the fun. But once in a while, you'll come across something that breaks the norm. We made sure the details make Taissa Black Stripe stand out from the crowd with her mono stripes on leather covered heels. Steeped in tradition, this style is a winner when paired with preppy trousers.

taissa woven mid heel shoes miista miistashoes Ss17 collection cinema impair

For a springy fresh feel there is Taissa Plain White heels. An airy upper provides a slice of exposed skin, while her square toe and tiny heel will lift the whole look. All the better to show off that vintage summer dress with a tan underneath.

taissa woven heels miista miistashoes leather handcrafted SS17 collection

Our personal choice - and we're prepared to swear by them - are a pair of Taissa Red in deep tomato red colour, perfect for lifting any mood. Once you have given in to her finely constructed charm nothing else will do.
Plus, in five summers time, you'll still want to wear these hand woven creations. Buying handcrafted doesn’t just support a process, it often gets you shoes that are more... special?